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Naked E-Juice

Naked E-Juice 60ml

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Naked E-Juice 60ml


Lava Flow - (Available in 0, 3MG) Lava Flow e liquid provides an escape to that tropical island on your screens background within two puffs. This delicious tropical flavor combination of fresh strawberries, with coconut, and pineapple intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds.

Amazing Mango -(Available in 0, 3, 6MG)  The smoothie becomes even more mobile, vape this delicious blend of mangoes, peaches, and cream anytime the craving calls.

Green Blast - (Available in 0, 3MG)  A blast of flavor and tart. Green Blast e liquid pairs honeydew sweetness, with the juicy tart like flavor of fresh kiwis, and finishes it up with the crispness of a granny smith apple.

Very Berry - (Available in 0MG) this bevy of tarty fruit packs blueberriesblackberries, and a touch of sugared lemon into a recipe that makes summer feel like it lasts all year round. 

Very Cool - (Available in 0MG) brings the juicy tropical flavor in spades straight to your menthol vape. Very Cool is a refreshing flavor experience that ties in raspberryblueberries, and blackberries to produce a bevy of fruity flavor.

Hawaiian Pog - (Available in 0, 3MG) consists of passion fruitorange and guava to deliver a rich exotic fruit flavored experience only typically reserved for those with a serious need for something truly exotic in taste. A blend so powerful no other fruit combination after will erase its delicious memory.

Tobacco - (Available in 0, 3MG)  The flavors are American CowboyEuro Gold and Cuban Blend.

Brain Freeze - (Available in 0MG) Pairing of kiwi and pomegranate. These two contrasting flavors that come together beautifully into a menthol vape.

Frost Bite - (Available in 0, 3, 6MG) pairs cantaloupe with honeydew and the chills it with a lovely dose of menthol. A cooling effect fruit flavor that you'll love time and time again. Get your melon on.

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