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Holland Hookah Charcoal

Holland Hookah Charcoal

Available in 40mm large box or 33mm small box

Each Box Contains 10 Rolls of 10 coals

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Holland Hookah Charcoal

Holland Instant Light Hookah Charcoals are a great economical choice for hookah coals.

Each Box Contains 10 Rolls of 10 coals

Whether you’re new to the hookah or you’re a seasoned smoker, you’ll want to know what the best hookah coal is are and where you can get it. The market for hookah products these days is quite competitive, meaning that quality coals can be purchased at reasonable prices, both at retail stores and online.

What are the factors that determine the quality of hookah charcoal? One important factor is burn rate. You don’t want to get coals that are going to burn themselves out quickly, as a good hookah smoking session can last a long time.

Another factor is how easy the coals are to light. The importance of this will depend on where you’re using your hookah – if you mostly use it inside, you can tolerate charcoals that don’t light easily. If your hookah is used outside, you want to choose coals that light easily so you don’t have to struggle to light them every time there’s a breeze. There are various heaters and stoves available on the market designed specifically for heating hookah charcoal that can make this less of a factor, if you’re willing to spend the money. Most coals can be lit on your kitchen stove if you’re using the hookah inside.

Also think about the contents of the coals themselves. Some hookah coal contains more chemicals and additives than others. If you’re a health-conscious hookah smoker, you may be better off paying a little more for a natural brand of coals that doesn’t contain chemicals and potentially poisonous elements. Think of this as being like checking the nutritional information on food before you buy. Find out what’s in the charcoals before you make purchase and use them to smoke.

Coals can also affect the taste of the smoke you inhale. There’s not a lot of point in buying sweetly flavored tobacco if that taste is ruined by a foul charcoal taste, so opt for tasteless coals whenever possible.

There are several brands of coal that are recognized generally as being high quality. Holland is considered to be the prime manufacturer of quality hookah coals.

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